Our Businesses

Back Bay Capital, Corp. an addition to commercial finance is comprised of several independent companies designed to improve and provide maximum value. Below are just few.

1st Free University Loan Officer Training

Loan officer training must be continuous for success. 1stfreeuniversity.com has partnered with national approved NMLS education providers to deliver discounted, efficient, effective continuing education (CE), and pre-licensing education (PE). The Safe Act and the creation of the National Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS) mandatory regulatory education has been designed to streamline and help companies, not hurt them.1stfreeuniversity focuses on solving the challenges that NMLS education has posed on the lending industry. Partner with 1stfreeuniversity and get discounted NMLS education and let us help guide you through the NMLS challenges. By leveraging 1stfreeuniversity to communicate and coordinate training for you or your organization, you will create the focus to grow your business.


LendingCE.com is one of the newest websites and is a branch off of 1st Free University.  This site is focused on making the mortgage process easy and as aimed more towards first time  users who are unsure of what classes they need.

Ben Harriman

Offers professional development education, research, tools, and training. The focus of Ben Harriman is “Better Habits.”Behavior patterns lead to the success or failure of todays leaders and producers. For individuals and organizations looking to improve their output, our 3 dimensional approach gives them valuable tools to reach success. You will learn to recognize implementation is the key to sucess. With individual and group development, with sales and marketing, and with leadership and management their are a few habits that separate the good from the great. Separate yourself from the competition with our proven business system. We have the experience to deliver results for you. Of the more then 500 companies that have hired us, 4 out of 5 used our services four or more times. Individuals and organizations that leveraged services surpassed their existing industrial output an average of more then 10% and as much as 600%.


 SkidderTires.org offers a variety of discounted tires to customers needing industrial tires for various applications.  This site offers various brands of tires including Aelous, Alliance, Primex, and Galaxy tires for agricultural, industrial, construction,  and off the road applications as well as truck tires.  The site also offers customers a selection of used tires and wheels.


GapTire.com is an up and coming e-commerce site similar to SkidderTires.org.  On this site, Aeolus, Alliance, Primex, and Galaxy tires only are offered at discounted prices.

Web Portfolio

With our portfolio of virtual real estate we cover everything from automotive, fashion, finance, and more offering value with information, lead capture and shopping and business platforms. BBC continues to accumulate value based web assets and web business.Our virtual holdings started in 1997 and has been growing ever since. With understanding and passion we continue to enhance and extract value out of the many web properties.