Become a Commercial Loan Officer With BBC

This job is commission based.  You will make 25% of our revenue. Payout will range depending on the size of loan and the number of points charged. We offer a lot of opportunities for bonuses if you’re doing well with us. There is no licensed required to be a CLO in 42 states, the remaining states (Alaska, Alabama, Hawaii, Michigan, Nevada, North Dakota, Vermont, and West Virginia) require licensing which is why we do not finance in said states.

Your main job

  • Finding leads
    • Directly- Working directly with someone you know who needs to purchase/refinance commercial property. Our ideal client is someone who doesn’t fit the typical bank portfolio. (bad credit, tax liens, hard money loans etc)
      • Reaching out to business owners
    • Indirectly- Through referral leads. We have created a 5×5 Program that is put together to get our LO’s out calling people and making connections and building their pipeline. Below are some people you can reach out to and what you can offer them
      • Bankers: You can help them close deals with clients who they are unable to finance so they don’t lose those banking relationships
      • Realtors: Their clients need financing for them to get paid. We can help them close deals with their non-bankable clients
      • Attorneys: Attorneys normally know people who are having financial issues and may benefit from our program
      • Accountants: They are aware of their clients financial situation and who may qualify and benefit from our program
  • Filling out the application with client
  • Gathering proper documentation
    • We will come to you for missing information. It is your obligation to retrieve from client unless we choose to do so yourself
  • Return information back to us
    • We will bring it to the secondary market for offers and return those offers back to you to review with your client
  • Get paid when the deal closes
    • You will get a check the pay period after a deal closes

You’re more than welcome to offer referral commission to those who bring you leads. Keep in mind, that will be coming out of your own commission and it is your responsibility to follow through with that deal. We are willing to pay a referral lead for you if the deal is brought to us and we approve it first.

For more information on our Commercial Loan Officer Position, give us a call at 877-209-6217