Financial Services

Back Bay Capital Corp is a national financial services company. BBC provides a wide range of products and services for personal, commercial clients. The goal is the right financial products to solve the top concerns of the following:
Market Volatility
Acceptable Returns
Principal Protection
Life Time Income
Inflation Protection
Tax Advantaged

We empower individuals with the financial education and tools to take control of their future. Our powerful systems help people reclaim their Hopes & Dreams with the opportunity to Earn More Income, Protect Their Families and Safeguard Their Assets.

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Our Products

Life Insurance                     Indexed FDIC CDs

Annuities                              2nd Market Annuities

Senior Market Products    Land Banking

P&C and RIA                       401(k) Platform

We have opportunities for individual producers, managers and owners to join our team. With our financial services distribution platform and our systems it is time to reclaim your future. Are you making what your worth? Do you live your dream life? Do live in your dream home? Do you drive your dream car? Are you taking your dream vacation? Have the power of traditional insurances, exclusive financial service products including 401K and IRA solutions, combined with our system for customer flow.